Where We Are Now – Becky Rasmussen

For the first alumni feature, we would like to introduce Rebecca Rasmussen. Becky graduated from UWGB in 2014 with B.A. in English, emphasis in Literature and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Becky currently works as a Candidate Services Manager for Wisconsin Progress in Green Bay, WI.

Why did you major in English at UWGB and why should others?

Becky Rasmussen: Majoring in English Lit often required me to experience texts in ways that made me uncomfortable. As a result, I am more empathetic to the experiences of other people than I would have been otherwise. Creative thought processes and group discussions are wildly helpful for my current professional work.

American Lit II, Monsters in Lit, and Sheepshead Review were my favorite classes in regard to assigned readings; History of the English Language and Old English were my favorite classes in regard to accumulating obscure and sometimes useful knowledge. If you love reading, books, or anything with English, I would recommend an English major.

What should other people know about the English Major?

BR: The most practical thing you can do is spend your time learning about things you really enjoy. Many of my family members tried to convince me to major in something “more useful” but I ended up getting hired to do work I believe in. I also enjoyed my college experience because of my choice of major. Bonus!

What were you involved with as an undergrad at UWGB?

BR: As an undergrad, I interned with the Obama for America Campaign, the 2010 Coordinated Campaign. I was also involved in a couple on-campus organization including:

  • Activists for Choice Chair
  • Sigma Tau Delta Vice-President
  • Pep Band
  • Circle K Treasurer
  • College Dems Chair

What is some last advice you have for current UWGB students?

BR: Do the work you love and cultivate a fulfilling hobby. Always take time to sleep, eat real food, and take care of yourself.