Indented Podcast: Fall 2020

A new semester brings a new series to the English Department’s podcast, Indented. Indented, being run by our very own Rachel Sankey, will feature three podcasts all based around helping people get find something to do during the pandemic. Below is the inside scoop and maybe even a sneak peek at the first episode, which is being released next Friday!

What is Indented about this semester?

The theme for Indented this semester is what is getting people through the pandemic. Each episode will be about some sort of thing, whether it be cooking, gaming, music, etc. that’s helping people push through these difficult times.

How often will the Indented be released?

We finally got a production schedule down. The first episode will be published on October 16th and the other episodes will be published on the 3rd Friday of each month, meaning November 20th, and December 18th.

Has the pandemic affected recording at all?

The pandemic has definitely affected the recording of the podcast. Phoenix Studios is closed due to the pandemic, so I don’t have access to the special equipment I normally would. It also isn’t the safest for me to meet in person with the special guests I have on. With that said, the episodes will be recorded via Microsoft Teams and exported into an audio file. Luckily Dr. Meacham and I found a mic that will hopefully help with the quality of the audio, so that’s a good thing!

Can we get a sneak peek into the first episode?

I’m super excited for the first episode! It’s going to be on letters and how they’ve helped to keep people connected during the pandemic. My special guest for this episode is my high school Creative Writing teacher and we’ll be tackling how letters are more impactful than text messages, how they’ve been meaningful to those in retirement homes who can’t see their families, and how the influx in letters helps support USPS.

The first episode is also having a call for you to give your input on letters! The survey is completely anonymous and linked below, so check it out and let Indented know a little bit about your letter writing!

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