Indented: “The Writing Process”

The latest episode of the Indented podcast from the UW-Green Bay English Department is now here! Hosted by UW-Green student Krynn Hanold, “The Writing Process” features UW-Green Bay Prof. Rebecca Meacham (English, Humanities) and Dean Chuck Rybak (College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) as they discuss all things writing-related. Common writing questions are addressed, and the two seasoned authors explore everything from writing rituals to cover art. This podcast episode is perfect for all the aspiring writers out there!

Take a listen:

Be sure to also check out Indented’s previous episode, “History of the English Language: Will Not Stay in Place.” This episode features UW-Green Bay Associate Prof. Stefan Hall (English, Humanities) and UW-Green Bay Assistant Prof. Emily Ransom (English, Humanities) as they take a look at the English language.

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