ENGLISH 335: Literary Eras: The Hungry ‘40s

Coming Fall ’21 – ENGLISH 335: Literary Eras: The Hungry ‘40s Fall 2021: Tuesdays & Thursdays 11-12:20 / Green Bay Campus / Prof. Nesvet 

This Fall, Dr. Rebecca Nesvet will teach a brand-new course, Literary Eras: The Hungry ‘40s (Eng. 335). Here is a little bit more about the course from Dr. Nesvet: 


Henry David Thoreau was surprised that his readers wanted to know what he ate and how he cooked it. I’m not. The 1840’s food crises in Britain and Ireland shifted how people viewed social justice. This “Awakening” sparked a basic human rights movement, a belief that everyone deserves food security, education, agency, and especially, the right to lead meaningful lives! 


We’ll look at how authors from this time period connected hunger for food with hungers higher up the hierarchy of needs—creating a new and unprecedentedly activist literary culture that is still emulated today. 


This in person class will also include humor, entertaining video clips, and powerful discussions about food sustainability, UWGB’s Eco U legacy, and Paying the Price by Sara Goldrick-Rab .


Check out this class and all the Summer and Fall 2021 courses. They are sure to be great!