ENGLISH 345: LGBTQ Literature

LGBTQ Literature (ENGLISH 345)  / Internet Course / Prof. Murrenus Pilmaier – Coming Summer ‘21

LGBTQ Literature (English 345) will be offered this summer and will be taught by Dr. Valerie Murrenus Pilmaier. Here is a little bit about the course from Dr. Murrenus Pilmaier:

What happens when societally silenced voices can now be heard?  LGBTQ Literature considers this question and invites an exploration of the history, politics, rhetoric, and psychology involved in the creation of a body of literature representing the lived experience and unique culture of a community historically marginalized and oppressed by heteronormative society. This course uses the lenses of queer theory, feminism, intersectionality, and critical theory to explore essential classical and contemporary LGBTQ texts and how they acknowledge, reject and/or rebel against majority culture to create an exciting, distinctive genre. This course begins at the rise of print culture and culminates in a Booker Prize-winning novel published in 2019. After taking this course, you will understand the risks taken by authors so that LGBTQ people could speak their truth, celebrate this vibrant literary culture, and recognize that by its very existence, LGBTQ literature is a beacon for social justice.

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