Sheepshead Review Fall 2020

As you may have heard, UW-Green Bay’s undergrad run journal, Sheepshead Review, has a submission deadline coming up on October 4th, but fear not! The deadline has been extended until October 11th! That means you have an extra week to put some finishing touches on existing pieces or write some new ones. Submission categories include fiction, nonfiction, poetry, visual arts, and for the first time, digital media. As the Morgan Johnson, the current Editor in Chief, describes it, “This means we are accepting submissions that interact with readers in immersive ways, whether that be through a reading of your work, an image with a story, using programs like Twine or Google Maps…the possibilities are practically endless.” The journal is also searching for submissions that include a theme of community this semester, however, it isn’t required to have with your submissions.

The biggest change this semester is that the journal is being run completely virtual. To ensure safety, staff members are conducting meetings online and even have the Spring 2020 issue online for anyone to look at. The Fall 2020 journal will be available in print and online, like the Spring issue and you can find the Spring 2020 issue by the Cofrin Library on campus or find it at this link:

If you have any work you would like to submit, go to and follow the directions from there! Happy writing!

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