Top Classes That Go Towards a Writing and Applied Arts B.F.A


With the semester coming to a close I wanted to put out more information about the B.F.A (Bachelor of Fine Arts) program for anyone who may be interested. I’ll be sharing my favorite classes that I’ve taken that count towards the degree and why I loved them so much. If any of these classes sound right up your alley consider looking into the Writing and Applied Arts!

My number one choice is “Woman in Pop Culture” (WOST 203.) I can’t say enough good things about this class as it was the most fun I’ve taken. This course studies the ways that women and gender have been portrayed and are currently portrayed through the media, television, movies, popular music, and other cultural artifacts. Having a class that also goes into how women are currently being represented made it easy to not only make a connection to the class but was very engaging as the pieces studied are new and current in our society.

American Ethnic Literature (ENGLISH 290) is another one of my top contenders as it goes in-depth on the experience of ethnic groups in America, such as African, Asian, Hispanic, and Jewish Americans, and American Indians. The Asian American experience was the topic that was most heavily focused on when I took the course which is part of the reason, I loved it so much. I learned many things about our country’s past that were never taught in high school. This course is repeatable for credit if topics differ so if you end up loving the class you can always take it again!

My final pick for my favorites list is Practicum in Literary Publishing (ENGLISH 224). This course is hands-on experience in producing a literary publication, from choosing submissions to editing the finished product. Taking this class, you will not only draft weekly articles for the campus newsletter “The Driftwood” but will create an edition of the “Northern Lights Literary & Arts Journal” as a class. If you like writing your own ideas or like the thought of breaking into the editing or publishing field, this class is for you.