Winter Break: English Major Edition

It only took one long semester, but winter break is finally almost here! For many, being on winter break means getting more free time. Even though some commitments might stay the same (working a job, for example), not having to attend class or work on schoolwork tends to give most students more time on their hands.

What do you have planned for break? If you’re not quite sure yet, check out our ideas that are well-suited for English majors:

Read all the books!

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English majors tend to be avid readers, and while you might have had time to read a couple books “for fun” this semester, there are probably still about a hundred books left on your “want to read” list. Winter break is the perfect time to read as much as your heart desires.

Spend time at your local library

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Show some support for your local library by spending some time there over winter break. Whether that means checking out a few books every week or bringing your laptop and hanging out at a table for the afternoon, the library is a great place to be on a chilly day. You can always volunteer at the library too!

Revisit your old writing… or start something new!

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Have you been putting off revisiting your old pieces of writing because you are “too busy” or you’ve accepted that you’ll “just do it later”? Well, now is the time to jump back into writing. You can choose to revise a previous work or create something completely new.

Time for some professional preparation

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Over break, make sure you use that extra time to your advantage. If you’re planning on graduating soon, it’s beneficial to take a look at the career market and find jobs that you’re interested in. If graduation is still far off for you, you should try to find and apply for internships to help build your resume. Luckily, we have already created a detailed guide to help you get that internship or job.

Make reading resolutions for the new year

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Not into making any New Year’s resolutions? Maybe try creating some reading resolutions instead! This could mean making a list of books you want to read in the new year or challenging yourself to read outside your comfort zone, such as reading a book over 700 pages or reading from a genre you haven’t read from before.

Watch movies/TV shows based on your favorite books

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There are countless movies and TV shows out there that are based on books, and winter break provides the perfect opportunity to do some serious binge-watching. Now’s your chance to see what your favorite book looks like on the big screen (or your computer screen). Check out Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and other streaming services to find some adaptations that you might be interested in.

Look ahead to next semester

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I know. The last thing you probably want to do is think about school during your break. But you might feel better going into the next semester if you’re at least somewhat prepared. This means finalizing your academic schedule, double-checking to see if you’re on track to graduate when you want to, and making a list of goals you want to achieve next semester.

Browse the shelves of a local bookstore

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Show small businesses some love by heading to an independent bookstore near you this winter. Local bookstores tend to be interesting places to explore, and you might find something unique to read next.

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