Eddie Johnson

Good morning everyone! This Thursday brings us to our tenth installment of our ongoing Senior Series and today our graduating senior is Eddie Johnson! Eddie is originally from Menomonie, WI. He has been working on a major in English Literature and a minor in Film Studies. Here is a little bit more about Eddie!

What was one thing you learned that really stuck with you during your time at UW-Green Bay?

Word choice is important in writing. People can tell a lot just by how one writes.

What was your favorite course?

Any Creative Writing Course, because they allowed me to try new ideas and motivate myself to write.

How are you feeling about the timing of the pandemic?

It’s disappointing that this happened during such an important time in my life, but it’s for our own safety.

What will you miss most about UW-Green Bay?

The professors. Each one was a big help whenever I had questions, and most were really cool people who I could just be real with.

What was most memorable about your senior year outside of the pandemic?

I wrote a play for one of my classes, and I got to see people perform my work on an actual stage. It made me feel like a professional.

Any advice for future graduates?

Be remembered for something in your college career. Don’t just coast your way to graduation. Try something new.


From all of us here at Widows and Orphans, congratulations Eddie!