Eliot Klutz

Happy Thursday everyone! Today is the fifth installment of our Senior Series and our graduating senior is Eliot Klutz! Eliot is originally from Manchester, England and has a double major in both English with a Creative Writing emphasis and Philosophy. Here is a little more about Eliot!

What was one thing you learned during your time at UW-Green Bay that really stuck with you?
That sharing what I’m writing with others, getting to read what they’re writing, and having conversations about what we’re writing really amplifies the enjoyment of the whole writing process.
What was your favorite course?
I don’t have a¬†favorite. I enjoyed all of them in different ways. But if I were to just say an English class that comes to mind straight away that I liked a lot, it would be English 304, Creative Nonfiction Writing. That was a good one.
How are you feeling about the timing of the pandemic?
It’s happened when it’s happened and now we still have choices. I think that what happens and when it happens is infinitely less important than what we choose to make of it.
What will you miss most about UW-Green Bay?
I value every single interaction I’ve had with every single person I’ve come into contact with at UW-GB, so whenever I think back on my experience at GB, I will be glad for all of it. To sum that up: the community here is something I will remember very fondly whenever I think of it.
What was most memorable about your senior year outside of the pandemic?
Just having really great conversations with both my classmates and my teachers, both within classes and also after classes when people still had more thoughts to give voice to.
Any advice for future graduates?
I don’t think anyone needs my advice, because I think everyone has access to their own answers.
From all of us here at Widows and Orphans, congratulations Eliot!

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