Erin Penzel

Good morning everyone, I hope you’re Tuesday started off well. Today marks the third installment for our Senior Series and our graduating senior is Erin Penzel! Erin is originally from Burlington, Wisconsin and has been pursuing an English Literature major, along with a Education minor. Here is a little bit more about Erin!

During your time at UW-Green Bay, what was one thing that you learned that really stuck with you? 

I really learned how to participate in the classroom and know that my opinions are valid and important. This is something that I carry with me, and it allows me to be more vocal in my daily life.

What was your favorite course? 

My independent study with Professor Schuetze on Teaching LGBTQ+ Literature.

How are you feeling about the timing of the pandemic? 

I found the timing really unfortunate, because there were so many things I was looking forward to. However, I am grateful that we could continue our education online and wishing everyone the best health.

What was most memorable about your senior year outside of the pandemic? 

I worked as a TA for the GPS Program in an Introduction to Humanities Course. I loved mentoring the first-year students, as well as getting to work with some amazing Professors.

What will you miss most about UW-GB?

I will miss my wonderful friends and awesome Professors that have made my time at UWGB so meaningful.

Any advice for future graduates?

Get to know at least one Professor well; it will open up opportunities for you and strengthen your college experience as a whole.


On behalf of all of us here at Widows and Orphans, congratulations Erin!

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