Savannah Green

Good Morning! As another semester comes to a close, we are back to honor some of the Fall 2020 graduates. This semester has been like no other and while it might have been stressful, it showed how resilient everyone was and still is. Today, our first senior in the Fall 2020 Senior Series is Savannah Green! She is originally from Channing, Michigan and will be completing a major in English with a creative writing emphasis. Here’s a little bit more about Savannah!

What was your favorite course?
African American Literature or EN 344.
What was one thing you learned that really stuck with you?
To never give up. As a writer you may get rejected several times, but to never give up and always aim to improve.
How do you feel about graduating during the pandemic?
I feel sad mostly because I have worked really hard for four years for one day and unfortunately it won’t happen. Although, looking on the bright side I don’t have to put my family through a very long day before Christmas.
What will you miss most about UW-GB?
The staff. I was a transfer student to UWGB, but I felt so welcomed and at home here.
What was most memorable about your senior year outside of the pandemic? Outside of the pandemic, the most memorable thing about my senior year is that my husband and I bought our first house together.
Do you have any plans after graduation?
After graduation I am going to fly to Texas to go see my sister who is a United States soldier.
Any advice for future graduates?
Stay strong and follow your heart.
From all of us here at Widows and Orphans, congratulations Savannah and best of luck in the future!