Canonball Podcasts

Imagine being a fly on the wall, listening to your professors sitting around a table at a restaurant, relaxing, discussing their mission as writers, instructors, and people, just like you and I, that share a common passion for UWGB.

In Episode 25, Dr. Rebecca Meacham discusses her creative process, how she has been working on her Peshtigo Fire novel for years and it’s “like having a child. My children have grown up since I’ve been working on this.” She also talks about her novel research—how it has been difficult, yet rewarding.

Meacham continues her guest spot in Episode 26, with what inspires her (Mad magazine books, Toni Morrison, and Sarah Silverman’s ban from a major network). Enjoy the sarcasm, irony, and humor, but also appreciate the insights that these guests so willingly share. Recent episodes also include:  Episode 7: (LIVE): Dr. Seuss (w/ Dr. Rebecca Nesvet and Dr. Alise Coen); Episode 21: Canonical Board Games (w/ Dr. Juli Case and Dr. Chris McCallister Williams); and Episode 20: Bet Me and More for the World of Romance-landia (w/Dr. Jessica Van Slooten).

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