Jobs You Can Get With a Writing and Applied Arts BFA

Not sure whether or not you’re a good candidate for Writing and Applied Arts? This post is for you! This week we’re diving into what a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) consists of and what you can get with that degree.

What is a Writing and Applied Arts BFA?

  • A Bachelor of Fine Arts is an undergraduate degree in the creative arts. Examples of majors include creative writing, art, design, film, graphic design, theater, and more! Specifically Writing and Applied Arts consists of an English degree with an emphasis on writing and content creation.

What kind of classes does a BFA in Writing and Applied Arts Consist of?

  • Unsurprisingly a lot of English classes are required for a writing and applied arts degree. Creative writing, grammar classes, design and culture, world literature, and publishing are just to name a few. If you enjoy any type of literature or English classes, this program could be a great fit for you! Personally, I was happier with my class choices after switching to Writing and Applied Arts so it’s always worth it to talk to an advisor about opportunities with this degree.

What Jobs Can You Get With a Writing and Applied Arts BFA?

  • Copywriter (writes clear, concise copy for ads and marketing materials)
    Freelance writer (writing content for various publications and channels)
  • Web design (plan, create and code internet sites and web pages)
  • Graphic design (creates visual concepts using computer software or by hand)
  • Video game design (create game concepts, including its plots, characters, visual designs, and layout)
  • Journalist (conduct interviews, write stories/ articles used in newspapers, magazines, and online publications)
  • Publisher (prepares and manages the distribution of books and other materials)
  • Marketing team/ social media specialist (coordinate and produce materials (or advertising) representing the business)
  • Paralegal (collect evidence, talk to witnesses, and perform research for attorneys)
  • News Anchor (narrate/ write news stories, broadcast, or other communications)
  • Author/ Company writer (Creating business-related content like print articles, press releases, and newsletters.
  • Podcaster (records episodes on interviews, popular topics, or talk about business content)

This program is not for everyone, and it can be a scary thing to declare a major. Hopefully, this post helped clarify any questions about the major and will help you decide whether or not it’s for you!