My First Encounter With Harper Quinn Interpretation

The day I met Harper Quinn Interpretation; she was the customer ahead of me in line at the UPS Store and she had a long laundry list of tasks she was wanting the clerk to do. Many of the tasks were washing various clothes or linens, she explained that she was so glad she saw they’re commercial last night because she had so many things to do today and didn’t know how to get them done. The clerk responded that he was glad she saw the commercial but they don’t do washing and drying, only shipping and packaging so why did she bring her tasks here. Her simple response was, “ well at the end of the commercial someone asked, ’what can brown do for you?’” The clerk apologized for the miscommunication and directed her to the local dry cleaners and laundry service and she turned and began to leave.

This woman was very intriguing to me. I had to get to know her. I could ship my Aunt Judith a book on Greek Antiquities a different day. I followed her out and to the dry cleaner’s wear I luckily had to pick up a suit anyways, so this wasn’t creepy. She was already walking up when I pulled into the lot. That’s when I noticed what a curious outfit she had on.


She was dressed quite interestingly. She had on a navy dress with little rain clouds, sunshines, and rainbows printed on it. Over that was an oversized white T-shirt that was covered unexplainably with stains and what looked like coffee rings. And her shoes, they were red heels with golden pears and the word, “Anjou,” written across them in black sharpie.

I walked into the cleaners’ and lucky for me there was a line and she was at the end of it. I got in line and began some small talk with her. I mentioned to her, “what an interesting outfit you have on.” She then explained that this morning on the the news the meteorologist said to dress for the weather so she put on her weather dress. She also explained she had tea later with her friend Cathy and she so glad someone came up with the idea of using a shirt as a tablecloth for when having tea. And she continued, “I think it’s important to always make a statement, that’s why I got these red pear of shoes. They really are hard to find in pears.”

It was then her turn at the counter. She did her business and as she left waved to me. I greeted her farewell, “it was so nice meeting you, Miss Interpretation.” She agreed, “ it was nice meeting you too, Mister Ection.”