English 310: Topics in Game Writing

Happy Friday everyone! Today marks the third installment of What’s Coming in 2021. Today’s feature is English 310: Topics in Game Writing. This is another brand new course that will be taught by Dr. Julialicia Case!

Here’s a little bit about the course from Dr. Case:

Technology has had a profound influence on the ways we experience narrative, and for many game players, storytelling experiences in digital games are often immersive, interactive, and memorable. As writers, the idea of crafting this kind of narrative can be daunting. How do we create stories that incorporate meaningful choice? In what ways can digital experiences encourage empathy? How do you write a transmedia story that takes place over multiple platforms, while still retaining authorial control? This course will examine these issues and others from a craft perspective and will allow participants to experiment with the possibilities as writers and artists. Students will produce a variety of collaborative, choice-driven, and transmedia texts, and will have the opportunity to decide for themselves about the value of the creative possibilities offered by contemporary technology. This course welcomes students with experience using technical creative tools as well as those who are new to digital work. Experience with things like coding, html, CSS, etc. is useful but not necessary.

Check back soon for an insight to a couple summer courses!