English 333: Literary Themes

Good morning! Today marks the second installment of the What’s Coming in 2021 series and today our course is English 333: Literary Themes. This course will be taught by Dr. Sarah Schuetze and the theme will be Fainters and Bleeders. This means the focus will be health, disease, and medical professionals in literature.

Here’s a little insight to the course from Dr. Schuetze:

From midwives to “regulars,” invalids to monomaniacs, figures in literary works about health and sickness reveal a complicated pattern of connection between disease, health, medicine and gender. Through analyses of literary works about illness, suffering, disability, care-giving, doctoring, etc., this class will explore how these themes are shaped by gender expectations and ideologies and their intersections with race and class. The works we’ll read represent a range of point of view and time period and include a variety of authors, such as Nancy Mairs, Joan Didion, Edgar Allan Poe, Edith Wharton, Dorothea Dix, Anne Sexton, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, S. Weir Mitchell, Harriet Jacobs, Sarah Orne Jewett, Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, Anne Fadiman, Rebecca Skloot, and more.

Check in tomorrow for a look at Humanities 483: History and Literature in the Holocaust!