Summer 2021

Good morning! Today we are highlighting two summer courses coming in 2021! Both are taught by Dr. Sarah Schuetze and have no pre-requisite requirements. The first is English 290 and it will be the first time it is taught as a six week course in the summer! This is one of the building blocks to many other English courses needed, so if you still need this course, it’s a great opportunity!

The second course offered is English 345: LGBTQ Literature, which will be a four week course. This will be the first time that English 345: LGBTQ Literature will be a stand alone course as well! Here’s a little bit about the course from Dr. Schuetze:

I think the fact that this is a class for both students who have had lit classes and students who have not [is great]. There’s no pre-requisite, so all are welcome.
Today we can identify significant progress towards a safe world for LGBTQ people—marriage equality legislation, queer-inclusive spaces and communities, and more representation of LGBTQ folks in popular culture (all of which is wonderful!). Nonetheless, many LGBTQ people live lives that are fraught with negotiating risk and even violence. The authors and texts we’ll discuss this semester demonstrate these negotiations as well as represent the beauty and joy of living a life beyond the limits of heterosexual normativity. One of the ongoing tasks we’ll explore together is how authors enact and represent those negotiations and joys in writing.
Check out Dr. Schuetze’s other classes which include a January term class, English 344 on African American Women Writers and English 264 in the Spring called Literature in Lab Coats on the connections between science and literature in various genres and time periods. They are sure to be great!